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Disney Jr Games (or Disney Junior Games) are online games created by Disney for kids. It is an awesome way for kids to spend some quality time – enjoying video games, while learning about things like shapes, colors and more at the same time.

Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

Here is your guide to know about all the Disney junior games available for your kids.


Disney Jr Games / Disney Junior Games

Disney Jr Games / Disney Junior Games

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Disney Jr Games – The Details

The games are very well organized, and presented under many heads on the Disney junior website:


Disney Jr Games – By Character

Under this head, the games are grouped by your kids’ favorite Disney character. Some examples are:

  • Mickey Mouse
  • Minnie Mouse
  • Winnie the Pooh
  • Toy Story characters
  • Handy Manny
  • Many more!


Disney Jr Games – Action

This section lists all the Disney jr games that are action games. Some examples are:

  • Jake’s Bedtime Treasure Hunt
  • Mickey’s Out of this World Treasure Hunt
  • The Search for Christopher Robin
  • Trunky Monkeys
  • The Great Sky Race
  • Clubhouse Rally Raceway
  • Winnie the Pooh’s Grad the Carrot
  • And more!


Disney Jr Games – Colors and Shapes

These are the games that help children learn about shapes and colors – while still having fun! Some examples:

  • Koko’s Color Box
  • Quincy and the Magic Instruments
  • Choo-Choo Exprerss
  • Goofy’s Silly Slide
  • Minnie’s Skating Symphony
  • And many more


Disney Jr Games – Counting and Math

These games teach children math and counting in a fun way. Examples are:

  • Mickey’s Treasure Hunt
  • Mystery Picture Count Up
  • Bucky’s Never Sea Hunt
  • Manny’s Pinata Birthday Bash
  • Zooter’s Jungle Dots
  • More…


Disney Jr Games – Creativity

These are the games that inspire creativity in children. Some examples:

  • Pirate Crew Hideout
  • Pirate Video Maker
  • My Masterpiece
  • Digi-Medal Painter
  • Mickey’s Music Machine
  • Mickey’s Animal Video Parade
  • Manny’s Mini Garden
  • Silly Song Machine
  • Many more!


Disney Jr Games – Dress Up

These are the dress up games for kids. There are three games in this category:

  • Pirate Crew Hideout
  • Minnie’s Masquerade Match Up
  • The Bubble Room


Disney Jr Games – Matching

These are the matching games that children love to play. Some of the games are:

  • The Perfect Trail
  • Leo and the Musical Families
  • Minnie’s Flutterin’ Butterfly Bow Game
  • Donald’s Froggy Quest
  • Goofy’s Wild Shoe Round-Up
  • Many more


Disney Jr Games – Maze

These are the games where kids need to navigate through a maze. There are five games in the Disney Jr Games – Maze category:

  • Pluto’s Musical Maze
  • Jake’s Treasure Hunt
  • Flicker Lights the Way
  • Zoomerblip Zip
  • Chiku’s Missing Gadget


Disney Jr Games – Memory

These games help improve children’s memory. There are six such games:

  • Echo Time with Annie
  • Heffalump Pop Apart Puzzle
  • Piglet’s Round-A-Bout
  • Recycling is Forever
  • Follow Vee
  • Chugger Memory Card Game


Disney Jr Games – Music

These are the games with a music theme. Some examples are:

  • Play Sharky and Bones’ Pirate Rock
  • Jake’s Jungle Groove
  • Leo’s Barnyard Baton
  • Booby Bird Ballet
  • The Great Sky Race
  • Mission to Learn
  • Moon Rock Mix-Up
  • Many more!


Disney Jr Games – Puzzles

These are the puzzle based games that children always love. There are eleven games in this category. Some of them are:

  • Lzzy’s Pirate Puzzles
  • Puffer Pete’s Puzzle Panic
  • Heffalump Pop Apart Puzzle
  • Caved In
  • Grotto Fun
  • Pat’s Picture Puzzles
  • Manny’s Puzzle Pipes
  • Puzzling Pictures
  • More!


Disney Jr Games – Kids’ Best Friends

As you can see, the Disney Jr Games come in a very wide variety, and are perfect for providing entertainment to children while also teaching them at the same time! No wonder they would become your kids’ best friends in a very short time!

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